Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you need to deal with a range of requirements during every phase of your construction project.  Our project management services provide: Supervision, Inspection, Reduce technical risks, Prevent construction errors, Control budgets and  effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule.

Our Project Management Team is at your disposable to ensure that things run smoothly on-site, and that your project remains on-track and within budget.

Our projects management services provide:

  • Supervision
  • Inspection
  • Reduce technical risks
  • Reduce construction errors

Zubenathi Construction services :

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Renovations of existing structures
  • Constructions of decks and boardwalks
  • Tilling and stone cladding
  • Specialized construction 
  • Retaining walls
  • Plumbing and electrical 




Are you looking for Project Management in the Eastern Cape? Or perhaps you are looking for Project Management somewhere else in South Africa? Zubenathi provides expert Project Management across South Africa. Find out more, CONTACT US today!