Our team of experts pride ourselves on taking value from and giving back to the natural environment that makes South Africa such a spectacular country. That is why we try incorporate green energy and sustainable solutions into many of our landscaping projects. We also offer these solutions and products to you, using our experience and knowledge to assist you with your Green Energy or Sustainable Project, or help you improve an existing property by 'Going Green.'


Sustainable Energy Solutions:

- Solar Power
- Wind Power
- Biogas Power

 Organic Agricultural Solutions:

- Permaculture
- Organic Fertiliser Solutions

Water Management:

- Rain water harvesting
- Greywater system
- Atmospheric water harvesting


Waste Management:

- Biolytic Systems
- Methane Digesters
- Recycling Solutions

Environmental Consulting:

- Eco Auditing
- Environmental impact Assessments

Landscape Rehabilitation:

- Vegetation Rehabilitation
- Wetland Rehabilitation
- Tree planting