Zubenathi PTY Ltd. was established to fill the gap in the market for medium-sized businesses that specialize in Landscape Architecture, Landscaping, Environmental Rehabilitation, Horticultural Training, Renewable Energy Services , Project Management, Construction Services and Supply Chain Logistics.
As a company, our core values are focused on sustainable use of the environment, as well as the development and upliftment of the communities in which we work, as well as our employees and partners.


Currently, our primary aspects of operation are: 

  • Landscape Designs
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Indigenous Landscaping
  • Green Energy/ Sustainable Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Supply Chain and logistics
  • Security Services
  • Cleaning Services


Zubenathi Pty Ltd. is BEE Level 3 Certified

Our Leveraging Factors

  • We are allied with creative talent
  • Significant black controlled and owned services company
  • There is a youth driven venture therefore lots of innovation especially for cost effective approach
  • Integration of all within the company behind the same goals and vision
  • Financial sustainability
  • Understanding of the socio-economic realities of the communities in which we operate

Joint Ventures with Zubenathi

We believe that a partnership with Zubenathi would benefit clients and their surrounding communities in these aspects:

  • Effective client service
  • Value for money
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Consistent meeting of deadlines
  • Significant social investment & empowerment positioning
  • Promoting local competency in all projects that the company will be involved in

Meet the Team 

jason law

Jason Law

Jason is a Director, holding a National Diploma in Landscape Technology from Cape Technicon. He has 12 years experience of running a successful Landscaping Business, as well as branching out into construction and consulting on renewable energy and the supply there of. He has worked extensively in the Eastern Cape, mainly the former Transkei, over the last few years focusing on Management of Greening of Environmental Projects, namely Nurseries, Town Greening and Development of Public Parks and Open Spaces.

Andile 'Ace' Bamla

Andile Bamla
Construction Manager

Andile Bamla, better known as Ace, has been with the company since 2013, having previously worked on Civils Projects where he gained integral skills and expertise in the construction, civil and landscaping fields.

Ace is Highly skilled in many trades but he is particularly good at working with rocks and the design and implementation of rockery and rock features, with a keen eye for finished details.

Elliot Gelekeshe
Site Foreman

Elliot has been in the Landscaping Industry for 11 years. His skills include construction and general management of sites, with keen leadership skills and an inspiring diplomacy when it comes to managing the teams under his watch.

Elliot has a clear understanding in the process of social facilitation

Thandele welzy

Thandile Ngqonga
Landscaping Development Manager / Nursery Manager

Welzy has been in the Landscaping Industry for over 12 years. Welzy is extremely knowledgeable on plants with a passion for endemics and indigenous landscaping. He facilitates all our planting and nursery operations, and his expert touch is integral to the success of our projects.


Human Resources Development - Developing Our People, Developing Our Company, Devoloping Our Country

Zubenathi is committed to equality for all employees in accordance with the law of the land. We support employee advancement and the development of technical, managerial, and other skills of historically disadvantaged communities and professionals. Zubenathi  is an employer committed to crucial opportunity development with special emphasis to women and youth empowerment in the target groups.

The implementation of our equal opportunity program is based on:

  • Selecting candidates from the target group without compromising excellence in service delivery.
  • Making available assistance and bursary programs to ensure skills development for the country and the world at large.
  • Getting involved in mentorship schemes.
  • Training and skills development of existing and newly employed staff.


Social Responsibility  - Uplifting Our Communities to Build A Better Future

Defining factors: impact and sustainability;

• Funding for access to tertiary education for the most needy and potential within the local area (discussions with other businesses are at an advanced stage).
• Identifying beneficiaries on various projects in the form of local youth development organizations or trusts.
• Incentives for workers;
• Promotion of local SMME development; through subcontracting and sourcing materials locally.

Social Responsibility