House Godongwana

Residential Landscaping at Misty Mount, Libode

Residential landscaping of House Godongwana which included soil preparation,
planting of trees, shrubs and groundcovers. This included stalking of each tree.


House Law

Residential Landscaping at Chintsa East

Construction of retaining walls with cladded rock.
Creating of forest gardens and planting of vegetables with a nursery tunnel at the bottom of the garden for the client to grow their own vegetables.


House Gunuza

Residential Landscaping at Gonubie

This includes the planning and design of the residential landscape.

The plan includes creating of indigenous gardens and vegetable garden.

Construction of centiliva concrete slab entrance and perimeter wall which included natural stone cladding and timber cladding.

We also undertook the construction of glass water feature with cladding and construction of concrete foot paths.


Mvezo Komkhulu Backpackers & Chalets

Decking and Tiling at Mvezo, Transkei

This project included the construction of 11 decks for the backpackers and chalets.

Zubenathi was also contracted to undertake the tiling of all the houses within the development.


Landscaping of Burgersdorp Eco Park

Project description

Tree felling- cutting down of blue gumtrees with the use of the chainsaw, stump removal excavated with the use of TLB. Removal and cartage of unwanted material from the site to tip sites.

Soil preparation using the Tlb to level and compact G5 sabunga for the parking and pathways. Landscaping of Burgersdorp Eco-Park which included planting of trees, creating rock Aloe gardens, Entrance gardens to the site and seeding of grass on the sports fields and around the site .


Renovations of Ablutions & Landscaping of Ngcobo Heroes Park

Project Description:


Renovation of both the ablutions at the pool and the park, which included installation of the ceilings, painting, plumbing and electricity. Landscaping the park with indigenous plants, planting trees and Aloe gardens in park. Landscaping in and around the fish pond with indigenous vegetation. Installation of solar lights



Port St. Johns Boardwalk

The Project:


The construction and decking of a boardwalk and look out point on the beach at Port St. Johns, a popular tourist destination in the former Transkie region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa .

The project included the construction of a staircase, as well as a ramp, with the purpose of providing access from the parking lot onto the beach.  The design of the boardwalk aimed to both provide the functionality required, as well as optimising the space used to ensure the expanse of the beach was not compromised.

Furthermore, the design aims to be unobtrusive and to blend well with the natural beauty of the area.


Landdscaping Eastern Cape Transkei South Africa

Zanokhanyo Senior Secondary School

Primary Project Outcomes

Planting trees and creating flower gardens as well as building planter boxes and maintenance work on the grounds of Zanokhanyo Senior Secondary School.


The site was analysed, designed and budgeted to complete the work. We monitored the project during implementation and our deliverables were to plant trees and other greenery, including an avenue of Yellow-wood Trees as well as mass planting of Agapanthus at the entrance of the school.


Ntalaza Dokodela Senior Secondary School

The Project

We  were tasked with the designing the gardens and landscaping of the grounds of the newly built NtaLaza Dokodela Senior Secondary School, located in Ntlaza, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The project included site analysis of the school after construction of the main buildings was completed and to design, plan and implement indigenous gardens using endemic aloes, trees and shrubs.

The aloe gardens are North facing, whilst the forest is located on the South of the school buildings.

Landscaping Libode Eco Park

Libode Eco-Park and Entrance Gardens

Beautification of Libode Eco-Park

Zubenathi was tasked with the designing of the gardens and landscaping of the grounds of the newly built Libode Eco-Park, located at Libode in the former Transkie region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The project included tree, plant and  flower planting and the design and construction of a rock feature and gardens, as well as signage, to mark the entrance to the gardens.

The gardens are designed to offer visitors a respite from the busy streets of Libode, as well as showcase indigenous flora and landscape elements from the region.